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The best way to share our knowledge and to keep learning is by meeting and speaking with people at conferences, forums, and other learning experiences.

If you’re interested in having a member of our network speak at an upcoming event, please complete the form below. We’ll get back to you within a few days.


Our Facilitators are trained to offer congregational and intra-congregational learning experiences that invite participants to become co-authors in a shared sacred narrative that pre-dated their arrival and will extend beyond their lifetimes. This participatory ethos calls for participating congregations to engage in shared learning and leadership experiences that minimize or eradicate clericalism, the view that clergy, including upper-level clergy in connectional systems, as the source of all power, agency and knowledge. Drawing on Martin Luther’s notion of mutuum colloquium et consolatio fratrum, conversation and confession in fellowship, our forums our grounded in theological reflection, service and ministry as communal practices animated by a sense of common purpose and identity.

While some congregations retreat into a survival-focused mode amid environmental turmoil, Fishing Differently shifts the focus from presumed scarcity to practices that cultivate sense of sufficiency toward mission. This orientation toward missional engagement invites members and community stakeholders to participate in mission and ministry, thereby cultivating social capital.


Rev. Dr. Sidney S. Williams, Jr. has been asked to present Fishing Differently for several conferences, including Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference, Christian Community Development Association, Sojourners and several church conferences.


Thank you for your interest in having Pastor Sidney Williams speak at your church or event. Filling out this form helps us gather information, keep things organized, and is the first step in considering your request. Pastor Sidney does not choose his speaking opportunities based upon compensation and does not have any set speaking fee. Instead, he prayerfully considers each request, seeks wise counsel, and then makes a decision.

Thank you for your time, interest, and patience. You will be contacted by our church secretary informing you if the invite to speak has been accepted. If you do not hear anything within 7 days of submitting this request, please call our church office at 973-944-0357.

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